New arrivals 22/11/2014

22 Nov 2014 11:56 #1 by Newlands
Hi all,

Our new arrivals this week are:

Female Fighter
Blood Red Male Fighter
Half Moon Male Fighter
Gourami Dwarf Blue Male
Gurami Dwarf Red Male
Gourami Gold
Gourami Honey Gold Dwarf
Gourami Red Fire Dwarf
Female Guppy Mix
Guppy Male Blonde
Guppy Male Cobra King
Guppy MaleCobra Yellow
Guppy Male Mettalic Blue
Guppy Male Variegated
Plecostomys Rusty L
Shrimp Fire Yellow
Amano Pant Shrimp
Cherry Shrimp
Tetra Cardinal
Tetra Neon
Tetra Silvertip
Cherry Barb
Gold & Black Lyretail Molly
Safron Molly
Strawberry Peacock Cicchlid
Protomelas SP (Taiwan Reef)
Bala Shark
Mono Angel
Apollo Shark
African Upside Down Cat
Blue Rainbow
Red Rainbow
Red Pacu
African Reed Fish

Red & Black Oranda
Red Cap Oranda
Blue Oranda
Black Butterfly Oranda
Koi A Grade A 3-4"
Goldfish 5-6"
Red & White Shubunkin

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