ID Please?

19 Feb 2014 03:06 #1 by m_sb (Zac)
ID Please? was created by m_sb (Zac)
I got Salvini Cichlid (Nandopsis salvini) seems beautiful fish and they are not big as just three or nearly four inch in size they already eaten my one inch fry of convict and one of my german blue ram female now i only left three female and one male so i have removed the ram and put them with my guppies atm but wondering are these fish are always aggressive as in my friends tank they seems very calm but they got aggrissive in my tank i was thinking to keep them and breed them so may be i could sell their fry as well but i don't know is that bad idea as my convict fry is got eaten my bigger fry are bit safe atm but scared and hiding around where they use to swim freely as other convict never hurt them they was aggrassive but not for fry they kill each other but don't attack on fry but Salvini Cichlid (Nandopsis salvini) already clean my tank and eat almost 20, 1inch frys or more but as i don't care about them because i got rid of convict adults in the past few months, i gave for free, so i don't want too many in my tank here i am posting the picture so please tell me is that salvini? and what kind of fish they can live with ?
Also good and bad opinion would do as well thx


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