468 liter planted tank

18 Apr 2014 11:55 #1 by swai (Simon)
Hi all,

So i've purchased a 468 liter Eheim Scubaline tank. I'm going to be starting a planted tank for the first time so i'll need a lot of help and info from some forum members in the near future.

What i have purchased so far.

Eheim Scubaline 460, 4 x 54watt T5
Eheim professional 3 external
5kg fire extinguisher co2 set up, solenoid etc
around 40kg of ADA amazonia with a small bit of JBL manado mixed in.
Vecton 600 UV stereliser

Tank should be with me in less then 2 weeks. As per the shop.

For now I need info on what diffuser/reactor i need for the co2 in a tank that big. The co2 set up i have came with a glass in tank diffuser which i don't think will cut it on a tank that large.

Are the inline diffusers my best option? or the reactors? I'm not really sure.

Any info appreciated.


Marino, Dublin 9

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18 Apr 2014 14:39 #2 by Darkslice (Stephen Walsh)
Something very similar to what I am doing. (large Planted tank)

If you using a sump, Co2 is tricky to keep in the water unless you cover the sump.
With a large tank though you'll need to be pumping a good number of bubbles per second, you'll need a drop checker to get it right, but any diffuser is fine once the drop checker is installed

Not to sure what a reactor is in this context.

Keep water arrogation to a minimum,

ADA is the best from what i hear but when you put it in first do a 90% water changes for the first 3 or 4 days.
You shouldn't need ferts with that soil.

another piece of advise - be very careful with your lighting - too much and algae goes nuts, too low and the plants wont grow.

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