Well done to seahorse.

01 Feb 2017 15:29 #1 by Jonlate
Just so Seahorse Aquarium in Dublin doesn't have to blow their own trumpet, I thought I would do it for them.

Just reading through the March PFK magazine I saw that they won a few top spots in PFK recent poll of top shops.

They came first in ....
Marine retailer
Catfish retailer
Cichlid retailer
Oddball retailer ( but we all know how odd they are anyway, don't we! It must be on their application form if you apply for a job there!)

And runner up in.....
Retailer of the year. (Beaten by Charterhouse Aquatics)
Online retailer. (Beaten by Charterhouse Aquatics)
Shrimp retailer. (Beaten by Sharnbrook Shrimps)
Plant retailer. (Beaten by Emperor Tropicals)

They also came first in the regional category, with 2nd place going to Carrick Aquatics in co. Monaghan.

Well done to the team in Seahorse, for your hard work in our behalf, bringing us quality fish when we want them, outstanding customer service when it's needed, and putting up with us when we visit the shop even if we don't buy anything.

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02 Feb 2017 00:22 #2 by robert
Replied by robert on topic Well done to seahorse.
Absolutly, a great shop and brilliant staff

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