Mini planted project

09 Feb 2016 20:07 #1 by fishmad1234 (Craig Coyle)
So I had an empty jar I decided to put some Ada Amazonia into and only surprise the water was crystal clear the next day.

I have some duck weed in the top as its growing like wildfire and just thought I would add it to the jar project.

I'm woundering what plant could I put into it it's not filtered as its a jar and the only light it will get is natural sun light or else I might put it under a normal house hold lamp on a locker in the bedroom so has anyone any suggestions on what plant would do well in the conditions I'll have in it .

I would love to add a little aquatic creature but I think it's to small and without a heater or filter I don't think anything would do well in it.

Well any way here she is hopefully get a nice plant or 2 in it

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at the end of the day it becomes nite

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