Flowering plants - curious

04 Aug 2017 06:40 #1 by Peasepudding
Hi - still new to the aquarium game - have a recently established planted tank (have posted pictures earlier if folks want to see) and I am still astonished when plants start to flower underwater! This has happened a few times now to different plants i have. The latest is a anubis plant. Whats the point of flowering underwater unless bumblebee-snails really live up to their namesake?! I presume its a good sign for happy plants? Thanks

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05 Aug 2017 22:08 #2 by JohnH
Replied by JohnH on topic Flowering plants - curious
Anubias plants flower under water because they aren't true submerged plants.
I'll now step aside for someone with more knowledge on this to reply more comprehensively.


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