Plants for an 180 Litre tank

29 May 2018 21:24 #1 by Paul177
Hey Guys, hows a goin?
Recently got an 180 litre tank.

Would love your advice on what plants that would suit an 180 Litre tank? Dimension are 101x40x50 (LxWxH).

I would love tall plants for the back and smaller plants in front of them. Plus will be adding some gravel at bottom and sand over gravel. Will be adding play sand.

Is play sand ok with gravel? My neighbour who have an 500 Litre tank and are helping me out were saying that play sand over gravel will be good for plants.

Was thinking maybe Java Ferns and Anubias Nana. Want space in front of tank so can see cory cats around the sand. Plus may look for 3 ornaments for fish to hid in like brozen barrel and rock caves.

Will really appreciate your advice, looking forward to hearing from you, thank you.

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