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10 Jul 2006 04:55 #1 by Eddy (Eddy)
Organic Aquariums was created by Eddy (Eddy)
Hi Guys,

Just wondering if anyone has an organic aquarium? I was in fishfx at the w/e and they are selling them. I haven't seen them anywhere else and was the first i heard of it and not much on the net about them. it does a few things like Reduces & neutralizes toxic gases such as ammonia, nitrites, nitrates & phosphates.
Does anyone have any opinions on this, good or waste of money?

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10 Jul 2006 05:51 #2 by monty (monty)
Replied by monty (monty) on topic Re: Organic Aquariums
I have used it on a setup of an aquarium but at the same time I was using filter material from another aquarium. Anyway I had no Ammonia from day one but did have some nitrite. I put this more down to the way that I setup and not the use of this product. Won't be rushing back to buy it again.

Would be interested in feedback from anyone who use this in a clean startup.


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11 Jul 2006 02:28 #3 by lampeye (lampeye)
i setup a tank with it on day one and had a total wipe out (new tank syndrome). i know people who swear by it and i know people who have used it and changed back because nitrates went through the roof....
regular partial water changes are the best way to ensure water quality...avoid a ph crash , nitrate spike etc....and its free!


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17 Jul 2006 04:10 #4 by Eddy (Eddy)
Replied by Eddy (Eddy) on topic Re: Organic Aquariums
Thanks Guys,
I won't be rushing out to buy it.

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17 Jul 2006 06:25 #5 by arabesque (Mick Veale)
Ive been using it and although it seems to go against everything fishkeepers have thought in terms of the nitrogen cycle.

I was using the old fashioned method for a 260 Litre cichlid thank
and was doing weekly waterchanges but my nitrates were HUGE
and off the scale.

So when i converted to organic aquariums I did a 75% water change.
Cleaned all my filters (under the tap) to kill off the bacteria and added
the product.

I think how it works from reading on is that it maintains the water by converting amonia, nitrite etc into a gaseous form and then with the use of an airpump(essential) it just gets rid of it from the tank and never builds up.

It seemed to help in that my fish were no longer scratching, they started spawinging (c. moorii) and generally seemed more healthy.

However my nitrates still seemed huge but i think that test kits might not work with organic aquariums. Im not sure about this.

For more reading see this thread:

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17 Jul 2006 07:25 #6 by Peter OB (Peter O'Brien)
I was wondering what the hell everyone was talking about, but i googled it so i have an idea.

So organic aquarium is a product that you add to your water and it gets rid of Ammonia, Nitrates, Nitrites etc with the help of an airstone which turns them into gas???

Does it take the place of Biological Filtration???

It all sounds a bit dodgy, personally ya can't beat water changes and proper maintenance, sure that would take all of the fun out of it.

Smoke me a Kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast.

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02 Aug 2006 06:16 #7 by mrorganic (mrorganic)
Replied by mrorganic (mrorganic) on topic Re: Organic Aquariums
yes I've used the organic stuff 4 the last 6 mths an' I've noticed no algea in my tank at all, its really good stuff.

it is also an natural antibiotic so all those treatments 4 white spot etc are not needed anymore!

the only problem I had was that it doesn't work in a ph range less the 6.8 it seems that lower phs break down the organic but if u do have bogwood an' stuff in ur tank best way to keep ph above 7 an' still keep the bogwood effect in ur tank is 2 put some coral sands into a pop sock (womens tight kinda sock things) an' put it into the filter an' this will help keep the general hardness up an' stop the ph from droppin bellow 7 an' just change it every 3 or 4 mths an' ur grand.

I got 10-15 bigish fish in a 125 litre tank no stress coat, mthly water change with the organic an' no probs at all except 4 a bit of fightin among fish but thats there normal behaviour!

so I recommend 1000% organic stuff it is revolutionary! trust me

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10 Aug 2006 15:39 #8 by OArep (OArep)
Replied by OArep (OArep) on topic Organic Aqua just makes things easier for you.
Hi there

Just letting you know Organic Aqua is not restrained to work only between 6.8 and 7.2 those parameters are only stipulated for algae control. You see certain algae grows a lot easier out side of this range, but some fish like higher pH and Organic Aqua still controls the ecological balance for alkaline water (keeps ammonia, nitrites and nitrates down.)

Any way I think you all would be interested to know that Your Irish National Aquarium is using our products in many of their aquariums with outstanding results, The Head marine Biologist will be posting a referral on our site soon.

Thank you for this opportunity

Luke and Lemanja
( I might not always be able to reply but will try when I get a chance)

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