Adding Youtube video Links.

31 Jan 2018 23:37 #1 by JohnH (John)
For some reason - since the last server upgrade - it has been not possible to add youtube videos by just posting their link. This has been looked into but so far no solution has been found.
So, for the time being, I'm suggesting this compromise.

Initially obtain the youtube link you wish to add and 'copy' it.

Now, open a topic you would like your video to appear on and click the little 'chain link' icon (above, directly below the capital 'B')

This opens a 'Link Settings' drop down option.
Paste your link in the 'URL' box then put your own title in the box to the right of that one (named 'Text') then click the blue 'ADD' tab and your video link will then appear in the text on your post. Click the 'Close Modal' box unless you wish to add more links.

Click 'submit' and then your post will appear with a youtube link.

This is how I added the video link for the 'Eels' post from Sunday.

Hope this helps until we can get the old method working again.


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