Stressed Puffer Fish - Help!

30 Dec 2014 19:46 #1 by KMcGuire (Kieran McGuire)
Hey lads,

Hopefully someone can help me. I got a puffer fish a couple of weeks ago and have had it in a 8x2x2 tank out in my fish shed. I've only had him in with a catfish in the tank, and have put in some driftwood for cover etc.

He seems to be stressed or depressed or something, he's not been eating much so I brought him into the house in much smaller tank for a few days and his appetite improved and he was back to normal so after a week or so I moved him back out to the big tank in the shed. However the other day when I was changing the water he went belly up and I thought he was a goner and so I've moved him back into the small tank in the house but now 4 days later he's barely moving and not eating much at all.

I've a custom build shed with a two 8x2x2's in and have piranha in the other tank. I have a bulb on constantly out there but am starting to think that the constant light might be upsetting him? He was in a pet shop before I bought him so I'm also wondering if he might be a bit lonely & missing seeing people coming and going being out in the shed? Or maybe I need to put some more fish in with him?

Any advice anyone could give me would be really appreciated as I'd be gutted to lose him



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17 Jan 2015 21:07 #2 by paulcavan (Paul Gileoold)
hi how is the fish now any updates

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