My Discus?

24 Mar 2015 08:58 #1 by Edwin (Edwin Jebb)
I had four small discus about 3 cm long. Ive had them about a week and they are slowly dropping off one by one.
I keep them with corys rams and some danios. All the parameters are fine and everything seems healthy but the discus are down to 1??
I was nervous about keeping them because I've heard they are tough to keep. I have kept fish before and everything seems ok but the discus are going! temp is also 28 but i just can't figure what it is!
I haven't seen them eat anything though!

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25 Mar 2015 11:31 #2 by JohnH (John)
Replied by JohnH (John) on topic My Discus?
Discus as small as this can be susceptible to a sudden change - far more so than their larger, stronger bretheren.
You don't mention your water's hardness and pH - but equally important is the pH and hardness of the water they came from. A sudden rise or drop in this can prove disastrous for the more delicate of fishes - such as small Discus.
Non-eating could be due to the change - or (and this could be more sinister) if they may have already been sick - did you see them eating before you bought them? - It's always a good idea to ask the seller to offer a small amount of food to your potential purchase when buying fish like Discus.
There are more dedicated Discus people here who can probably expand on this further. Hopefully one of them might be able to suggest more solutions to your problem.


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25 Mar 2015 12:31 #3 by Miamiheat (Stephane Lemaire)
I keep Discus exclusively.
Everything John said is true, so whatever i say is additional:

The tiny ones like this are a lottery ticket: they are extremely sensitive and a lot of times they drop like flies without a clue why. So the ideal scenario is for them to be on bare bottom tanks with clean water, 30 degrees and very regular water changes. 6 to 8 feedings a day => that explains why big ones are expensive. Also when you bring them from another tank you have to aclimatize them extremely slowly => i do it over 1 hour.

Almost every lad I see who buys discus fish and puts them in their main tank (especially planted with substrate) and without quarantine end up having issues. I read threads saying how simple it is and then a few months later they no longer have Discus or dont post pics because the fish look like crap.
I am not saying all this to judge in any way => I did it myself all wrong and lost dozens of Discus so it's because i made all the possible mistakes that I am telling you this. If you are in Dublin I would be happy to meet you and show you my fish and give you all the tips I can.

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