Filtering our SOME limescale

11 Feb 2018 14:52 #1 by Jonlate (Jon Late)
So can anyone suggest a filter that takes out some, if not all, limescale from the tap water.

I don’t want to go the salt route, as I belive you can use that then in a fish tank, and I don’t really want to install a RO system?

If it is possible, What micron filter would i need?
or will it have to be via a resin of some sort?

It’s really only limescale I want to remove, then I can also drink it and boil it without getting ‘cloudy water’

Any suggestions?


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12 Feb 2018 09:57 #2 by Bill (Bill Hunter)
I tried for many years to get rid of lime scale and everything failed, it was so high. I gave up and ended up putting in a water softener. There's no reason you can't use that water for the fish or drinking etc., the salt is negligible. I'm personally salt intolerant and initially worried, but it causes me no problems. Apart from my Bettas - which I use the R/O water for - I use it for the other fish with no problems.
I never found a method that would remove the lime without a softener. If your lime is very high I can't imagine your filters lasting very long without softening the water first.

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