JBL Product confusion - help?

30 Jun 2021 18:21 #1 by BenEadir
Hi all,

I run a 600L Malawi Cichild (approx 60 mostly mature Cichlids and 5 common Plecos) aquarium with 2 X JBL 1502 filters and after many years have managed to get to a point where the Nitrate cycle appears to be completing to the extent that water chemistry is consistently very good month on month including Nitrate close to 0 PPM the big benefit of which is over the last 18 months or so I'm only topping up the tank once a month to replace evaporated water and cleaning and rinsing the filters (in acquirium water) on an alternating basis every 6 months at which point I do a 50% water change. (I'm OCD about getting the water chemistry readings right so use 2 different test kits to verify my monthly check.) 

My setup in each filter is identical and fairly simple

Bottom tray - 30 PPI foam
Middle 2 trays - JBL MicroMec (www.jbl.de/en/products/detail/2418/jbl-micromec?country=ie
Top Tray - 30 PPI Foam.

I just noticed that JBL have another mechanical product called BioNitratEx (www.jbl.de/en/products/detail/8032/jbl-bionitratex?country=ie) which seems to be designed to do the same or a similar job to MicroMec but for the life of me I can't see what the functional difference between the products is or what the advantages of one over the other are?

Can anyone illuminate me?



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