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What I have set up and not so...

14 Feb 2014 04:04 #1 by killiman (Jon Lobello)
Right now I have these fish tanks set up:
2 two and one half gallon (for killifish spawning or egg hatching)
2 ten gal (one set up with Pelvicachromis pulsher-Kribensis, the other is being used for snow melt/rain water storage)
1 Five and a half gal (set up for killies when I get them)
2 twenty gal highs 12X17X24 inches (not set up)
1 twenty gallon long 12X12X30 (not set up)
Please excuse the dirty appearance of the larger, unset- :hammer: up tanks because I 've been lazy and they need to be clean!


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