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Paul cavan

25 Jan 2015 23:01 #1 by paulcavan (Paul Gileoold)
Well this is me and my two boys three year old cathal and 6 month old Mullér(Muller is the german shepherd lol)

We live in bailieborough co cavan and I have been keeping fish since I was about 11/12

My first ever experience with a tank a few years prior when I was 6/7 my dad and I were looking around a pet store we won't name names and of course we walked in to the fish room and I can still remember thinking WOW look at the colours. So straight away I said can we get a tank can we dad please. I can't really remember how willing he was but what I do remember was we got a two foot tank with all the equipment.:) that's were the good memories end. The pet store attendant gave us some stinking advice. We were sold fish along with the tank guppies and neons so needless to say the next day everything was belly up. Dad flipped brought it back and demanded his money back and said to me son go buy some books do your research and when your ready we will get another one so that's when it started and here we are now. I currently have 4 tanks and in February I will be getting my breeding tanks set up pics to follow

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