Dragons Den (60x40x40)

26 Apr 2019 22:14 #1 by Lauris
Hellooo all,

It has been a while since I have been here. Due to studies and my job and my time, that I can spare with my family, I had no space for this up till now. 18 months of break with 1 failed DSM (due to no time) in between and I'm back on the track again.

Still with the same size of a tank, just different shapes...

So lets start this with a technical description, before I give some sneak-peak into it through very few photos.

Tank specs
Tank: 90L (60x40x40 cm)
Light: ADA Aquasky 602
Filter: JBL e1501
Additional water movement: VorTech MP10
Heater: Hydor external
Glassware: The Lily one + glass surface skimmer
CO2: Yes
Twinstar: Yes, Nano
Auto Doser pump: Yes, 3 channels

Substrate: ADA amazonia
Stones: Dragon
Wood: Yes
Plants(planned): Altermanthera reineckii mini, Hygrophila lancea Araguaia, Pogostemon erectus, Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo'

Water: RO+Aquadur re-minerals.
Plant food: EI
Water changes: aiming for weekly 50%
Photo period: aiming to increase it gradually to 6,5-7hrs

Live stock: TBC
*Wife wants me to do it for Beta, I haven't decided yet to keep her happy or not

So, this project started back in September 2018 and initially was set to be:

My DSM with Cuba...

..Failed big time due to my busy life schedule and no time to keep up with maintenance.

Then it was left as above until now, where I finally will have more time around it (no studies in summer time and daughter will be sent off to granny's place :) ), and I decided to change the direction of it... Suddenly realized that plain stones and carpet is not my thing and I desire for wood and more dense planting...

Then the change happened, my Dragons Den took a different shape...

I'm still waiting for few bits and pieces to arrive from different parts of this world, but the aim is to get it planted within next 2 weeks.

Massive thanks to Seahorse in Dublin, first of all - the most beautiful pieces of wood they hide well in their stockroom :), second - after 6 years of use my BLAU Co2 tank started to leak, but today it was swapped out to a new one (the same BLAU co2 tank) by Seahorse just like that. The best service ever!

I am planted!

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